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DevOps Engineer – AWS

  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

Are you passionate about infrastructure and ready to take your career to the next level? We're looking for our next DevOps Engineer who can have an impact and contribute to our infrastructure team. Our infrastructure environment relies on AWS, Linux, Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, and Gitlab. We're transitioning from our existing AWS infrastructure to EKS, following AWS reference architecture with an observability stack in place.

In this role, you'll have the opportunity to continue learning, tackle technical complexities, and make meaningful contributions to the team while further developing your skills.

Join our versatile, multicultural engineering team and take your career to the next level by helping design and implement complex cloud infrastructure environments and supporting the team's growth journey.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate on the design and implementation of complex cloud infrastructure environments.

  • Support best practices in performance and security.

  • Contribute to technical investigations and crisis incident resolution.

  • Participate in Operations rotation where the team supports with existing maintenance tasks alongside delivering projects.

  • Assist in shaping strategic software architecture solutions within your area of responsibility.

  • Offer technical advice and insights that impact other teams.

  • Help implement metrics, monitoring, and alerting.

  • Collaborate with the Product team to understand and contribute to technical directions.

  • Play a role in a supportive team environment that encourages growth and development.

  • Act as a mentor for junior professionals while also learning from mid-level and senior engineers.

  • Contribute to the adoption of a DevOps mindset and become a recognized member of the Infrastructure team.

  • Learn and carry out data engineering tasks.


  • An international diverse team with over 25 nationalities

  • Hybrid Working - HQ in Amsterdam where you’re able to work a few days a week & full home office support to make sure you’re all set;

  • Working from Bali, the US, or any other country? Any place, anywhere: we fully support temporary working from X

  • Part of the pie: we’ve got a stock option plan

  • At least €1.000,- per year on personal development budget;

  • Don’t worry about tomorrow: we’ve got you covered with a pension plan

Job requirements

Expertise you'll bring:

  • A solid understanding of AWS.

  • Proficiency in Ansible and Terraform.

  • A good grasp of containers and orchestrators (Kubernetes and Argo aren't alien concepts to you).

  • Experience in automating and testing infrastructure.

  • Familiarity with infrastructure transitions.

  • Knowledge of Linux.

Nice to have

  • Strong skills in Python and Bash.

  • An understanding of email security.

Soft Skills you'll bring:

  • A strong commitment to security and privacy.

  • A passion for solving problems and a dedication to continuous learning.

  • Strong decision-making abilities and adaptability.

  • Effective communication skills and the ability to mentor junior professionals.

  • A proactive attitude and the willingness to learn and grow.

  • An ability to explain and champion the DevOps mindset.

  • Dedication to enhancing Developer Experience and the ability to provide guidance.

  • Great interpersonal skills and being an authentic part of our Platform team

If you're excited about this role and looking to further your career in infrastructure engineering, we encourage you to apply. We value your combination of foundational knowledge and a desire to grow, and we're here to support your professional development.

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