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Effortless, smart, secure communications

Organisations are increasingly working with digital data. They exchange sensitive information with an increasing number of parties. This creates a lot of new added value, but the risk rises as well. We meet the growing demand for security, privacy, efficiency, and user-friendliness in information sharing.

Zivver is a user-friendly solution for secure email and file transfer straight from your familiar email programme. This enables you to prevent human errors, encrypt your data against hackers and keep control of the information sent.

By 2030, Zivver will be the trusted communications provider for >1 billion users, when content matters, powered by an engaged, high-performance team

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Why - How - What

who we are

Our DNA: Zivvies are engaged high-performers who innovate.

Zivvies love to take conscious risks, go fast, achieve results, learn and pivot. We want to enter unknown territories and accept the risks it brings along. We weirdly enjoy the level of discomfort this brings, while being accompanied by similar-minded people.

Our Culture: Engagement & Innovation.

We believe we will get and stay ahead by continuous innovation (new territories, new products). We believe we do this shoulder to shoulder, as together we can go far whilst staying true to ourselves. Therefore we aspire to a culture of engagement, innovation, and honesty.

Our aim is to be an engaged bunch of people enthusiastically working together to achieve the same thing. We believe a culture of engagement is achieved by surrounding ourselves with fired up, authentic & smart people who want to work together. 

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Amsterdam (NL, HQ) & London (UK)

UK Office

WeWork, 199 Bishopsgate, London, England EC2M 3UT, United Kingdom

Amsterdam Office

Koningin Wilhelminaplein 30
7th floor
1062 KR Amsterdam