VP Product Management

Job description

As VP Product Management you set our product vision and strategy. You breathe product & security and communicate your vision internally and externally on a continuous basis. You know what it takes to be successful and carry close partnerships with Marketing & Sales on the product value proposition and find product enhancements that support our customers’ needs.

The Product roadmap is your bible, the product change board is the highlight of your week, you can’t have a conversation without pulling out the roadmap to show people the exciting improvements we’re going to make and you’re relentless in assuring that we deliver every item on it to our customers on time and quality.

Your digital expertise combined with social skills makes you the perfect fit to resolve complex security challenges and translate them into simple solutions & easy-to-execute actions. Quadruple growth of users and employees, ensuring changing expectations on a daily basis, seems paradise to you.

Hot takes

- Your product vision is so bright, people need to wear sunglasses around you.

- Your passion for identifying the next big feature for our clients is relentless and you carry a notebook with you all the time so you never lose a good idea.
- You dare to ask stupid questions on Stackoverflow to prepare for fired up discussions with Engineering.

- You properly balance Business, UX, Technology and Security. You don’t do bias.

- Data insights vs instinct is a constant battle inside of you.

- You believe that making it easy & simple to use, is as important as making it secure.

A day at Zivver

Today you decided to work in the office because it’s Wednesday, which means it is product day and you’re fully committed to the team and you’re looking forward to hearing the ideas about product development that will be pitched later today by the Product Managers. On this day you align with the team on which ideas you are already working on and you want to start working on. Last week you presented the new product strategy to the executive team and it’s time to execute your plan together with your team!

After a coffee break with Basak from the People team, Mark from Engineering and Gijs from Sales you check your email. Adnan (CRO) emailed, he needs your input in landing a new client on board. You schedule a call for later today and move to your next meeting: the daily with your team. After the daily, you’ve blocked a session with your team to dive into the new roadmap.

Today almost everyone from the Product team is in the office. This doesn’t happen every day so you decide to go out for lunch with the team.
Back in the office,just before you open your laptop you receive a call from VP Sales Rosario. We’re to land a new client in a new market that requires us to add a feature to the product. Time to review your roadmap again ;).

The day is drawing to an end. You’ve updated the off-boarding procedure a few weeks back and now you’re checking if everything went as smooth as possible. You’re about to close your laptop when Olivier (Principal Strategy) drops in, asking if you’re up for a beer at the Humming Bar. It’s been quite a day, so that seems like an awesome plan!


  • Leading the development and execution of the product roadmap which underpins the accelerating growth of the business.

  • Reporting to the CTO and leading a skilled product team of 10 Zivvies, made up of Product Managers, Product Designers, UX Researcher and Product Operations.

  • You’re focused on understanding the customers' needs, beyond the specific workflow/use-case, defining the business problem and product solution.

  • Actively measuring and assessing what’s going on in the market and within our customer verticals (e.g. the challenges they face in meeting legislative or security requirements).

  • Promoting our product vision, values and capabilities across our business, inspiring all Zivvies on the future direction.

  • Close partnership with Marketing, particularly Product Marketing on the product value proposition and messaging to the external market.

  • A strong relationship with the Sales organisation, in order to understand how well the product is meeting our customers’ requirements.

  • A strong relationship with Engineering, being the voice of the customer and in order to recognise how our technology and innovations underpin the product and how these can be best leveraged in delivering value for customers. Also in order to sharing product vision and direction, to facilitate effective technology strategy decisions within Engineering.

  • Work collaboratively with the Chief Innovation Officer, as both a sounding board and sparring partner on the future direction of our products.

  • Promotion of the product and brand, speaking with external organisations, at events or appropriate industry forums.



  • Master/Bachelor degree in the direction of Computer Science or Marketing/Sales combined with experience in the Tech/Security field.

  • Previous work experience as a VP Product Management or similar leadership position in a hyper-growth product business. An entrepreneurial background is a plus.

  • You are a strong leader with proven leadership skills who can mentor and guide the members of your team.

  • You're a driven, autonomous, highly communicative, data-driven decision-maker.

  • You know exactly how the product functions and should work, you have a proven ability to recognise the commercial opportunity and develop the product roadmap accordingly.