VP of Finance

Job description

The VPoF is responsible for leading the financial strategy and managing the finance team and all financial related matters at Zivver. The VP of Finance can easily shift between strategic topics such as future funding rounds and operational matters such as improving the internal invoicing process. The VP of Finance is level headed and likes to be in control while being easily approachable by stakeholders.

Hot take

  • It is all about crunching those numbers and your day is ruined when these don’t match up. And you WILL find the cause.

  • However, just as easily, you translate these numbers into real life organisational situations and provide business control and support where needed. We are eventually running a business...

  • Incoming calls from the board or executive team about financial results do not stress you out, on the contrary! You are ready to show you are in full control.

  • You don’t lose your head when multiple fires are burning;

  • You hate having to reinvent the wheel and share our love for automating everything!

A day in the life of...

It is Tuesday, which means that you will meet up with the finance team in the Amsterdam office. After the weekly morning meeting - in which you align on priorities, progress, (potential) issues and have a personal catch up - you go for a cup of coffee and make a tour around the office. As the VP of Finance, you understand it is all about crunching the numbers, while still being approachable and available as that senior business partner for all Zivvies.

After catching up with colleagues from Product & Engineering and Security, you have a project meeting about automating the invoice process. We are considering changing to new software that will have some implications for our customers as our internal organization. Aligning the different interests is quite the challenge while keeping track of the scope and deadline you set for this project. Business value is key, so you know how to get everybody moving in the same (and right) direction.

After a nice team lunch (you are together in the office after all), you get a call from Wouter (CEO) and Adnan (CRO) about commercial targets, the commercial outlook and the impact on cash forecasting. You sit down, take the lead and crack the nuts to come up with a strategic approach to the issue at hand while creating a feasible solution and plan. They both are happy and reassured by the outcome and next steps.

The last part of the day is blocked to work on some of your own to do’s. The end of the Q is approaching quickly, which means the OKRs need to be (re)evaluated, interdependencies aligned and the financial reporting is due in some time that can use some strategic pre-work. You finish the day with a good and positive feeling: many topics have been discussed, stakeholders are steered in the right direction and on a personal level you had a productive day!


As the VP of finance you are responsible for the following topics:

  • Strong financial control, reporting and 12 month rolling forward (cashflow)forecasting

  • Owner of the rolling Q’s reporting process

  • Strong business control defining the KPIs that are relevant as a business partner

  • Manage the Finance team (3FTE)

  • Setting and realizing goals and OKRs of the financial department

  • Strong internal control over operational finance processes

  • Identify opportunities and implement automation to improve operational efficiency

  • Internal and external (Financial) reporting

  • Initiating, selecting and effectuating funding strategies

  • Strong collaboration and experience with a.o. the following departments
    • External boards and committees

    • CEO for defining and realizing strategic financial plans

    • Sales department (for instance: setting, calculating and formalizing sales targets and compensation plans)

    • VP of People (for instance: compensation and benefits schemes for employees)

  • Prepare, guide and manage (financial) audits


  • Bachelor or Master degree

  • +5 years experience as VP of Finance

  • Fluent in verbal and written English

  • Minimally 5 years experience at a SaaS company with over 20 million ARR (EUR/USD/GBP)

  • Great understanding of SaaS metrics

  • Experience working in a VC-backed company

  • Solid insight in funding ability/capital market, whether it be VC, PE, venture debt, or other financing instruments

  • Experience with M&A and fundraising (closed multiple Series B or C), minimally

  • Proven ability to be a strategic counterpart to CEO, CRO, CMO and CTO roles

  • Strong understanding of accounting and internal controls