Software Engineer - Scala

Job description

How does diving into the world of secure digital communication for ministries, law firms, and healthcare professionals sound to you? Well, this is what we do at Zivver. We’re building the future of secure communications with a platform used by over one million users, across all industries, to securely share sensitive information - and we're rapidly scaling up. 

Our guiding philosophy is that secure communication requires excellent usability. To help us in this journey, we’re currently expanding the team with a Scala Engineer. It’s your job is to deliver quality for the Zivver platform which is used by around 1.5 million users. That said, you won’t be ticking off tickets all day - you make an impact on many levels; helping your teammates grow, sharing your voice and knowledge within the team, and initiating new ways of working.

According to your new colleague Keyvan, you do the cool stuff: “We offer a challenge that developers like to deal with: it’s all about security, encryption and certainly something your brain can chew on. And as long as you get your stuff done, you are free to organize the day as you like.” 

Hot takes

  • #raisethebar is your mantra

  • Not all ideas end up being great, but every great solution starts with creative ideas

  • We explore new technologies but understand the need for delivering a reliable and mature product

  • Your opinion matters

A day at Zivver

Today, you're finishing up a story that updates the way email message bodies are stored in Amazon S3. You need to complete the unit tests, and will create a merge request soon. After that, you ping a few developers for review. While running the pipeline, you notice that a test is failing for which you have some doubts so you connect with Keyvan, Mark and Kieren on Slack and together you fix the issue in the blink of an eye. You schedule a meeting with the team later this week to discuss the lessons learned and how we can avoid future issues.

Then it’s time to pick up the task you assigned yourself from the board of the current Sprint. You’ve found yourself in a puzzle and reach out to the team on Slack to answer your questions and discuss strategies with.

After a well deserved lunch break, you meet up with the Zivver Backend Guild. During this weekly video call, you share experiences and focus on how to approve our backend from a technical point of view. After a rather productive day so far, you revise your plan for the rest of the day. You help out a colleague reviewing a bunch of internal docs and share your knowledge and best practices. After a quick meeting with the team in the afternoon, you check out your schedule for tomorrow. Great! No meetings until 11. You decide to come in late tomorrow, as you want to go for a swim in the morning and know it’s okay to take some back as long as you attend any required meetings and keep your team up-to-date on what you're doing.



  • Develop new features for and maintain performance of the Zivver Backend platform

  • Review code of colleagues and suggest improvements

  • Be the go-to person for internal communication

  • Successfully triage issues and solve bugs

  • Contribute to the increased stability, scalability and usability of the Zivver platform


  • You understand the value of team effort, you share your input so together we can get stuff done

  • Speed and quality are what you’re about. You know your craft and you #get-it-done.

  • You have high standards for code quality

  • You’re not afraid to share your opinion and advocate on your expertise

  • You’re ready to contribute to the Zivver Backend Guild and share your experience with others


  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment

  • International diverse team with over 27 nationalities - and yes, we offer Dutch classes too!

  • HQ in Amsterdam where you’re able to work a few days a week & full home office support to make sure you’re all set

  • Working from Bali, the US or Spain? Any place, anywhere: we fully support temporary working from X

  • Part of the pie: we’ve got a stock option plan

  • At least €1.000,- per year on personal development budget

  • All the relocation benefits you need for a fresh start

  • Don’t worry about tomorrow: we’ve got you covered with a pension plan


  • Proven experience in Scala

  • Functional programming experience

  • Experience with SQL (we use Postgres) would be a plus

  • Familiar with ELK stack

  • Familiar with Scala Type-level programming (for example cats/cats effect libs)

  • Preferred formal education, and even cooler, a degree in a Computer Science / Software Engineering field

  • Have experience with monitoring and alerting systems, like Datadog

  • You don’t back off from some occasional DevOps responsibilities (Amazon)

If you’re still reading and excited about this role, we welcome your application even if you think you don’t meet all the requirements. We understand that no candidate is perfect, and would love to hear your story