Senior UI/UX Designer (Product Design)

Job description

We're looking for a senior-level / lead level Product Designer. Where you are responsible for the end-users experience of the Zivver product paying equal competency to both UI and EX. You work very closely with product management to look at business goals and objectives and as such you play a particularly important role during key stages of product development. From the initial design and proof-of-concept phase, you translate the goal of the product into a functional user experience and user test is as soon as possible. During and after development you sit next to the developers to make sure your requirements are in place for users to achieve their goals.

Hot take

- A hotline of ‘users’ you can call to give immediate feedback on your designs

- Describe yourself as ‘creative’

- The red team only wins if their team captain is Jony Ive.

A day in the life of...

You arrive at the office with a big smile.(Or open up your laptop from home these days ;-)) Last week you ran an internal sprint session to quickly prototype a new idea. You were inspired and today is the day you’re setting up, according to best practices, several remote user testing appointments to go through the 3 flows you created.

During the morning you have a meeting with your product team to discuss what is being taken along in the next sprint. You go through some new user stories with the product manager and discuss how to get these ready for handover.

Around 11:30 a.m. it’s time to sit with one of the front-end developers who is implementing your latest designs. You both have some amazing ideas to include some animations to add that 5% of joy for the end-user.

After enjoying your lunch you connect with the other product designers to align and keep consistency on the next steps across the wide range of products. Diving into the new features and the feedback that came from the user testing sessions. All the while keeping the designs and prototypes neatly layered and up to date for a final review by the head of Product.

The day is drawing to an end. If you are working from home you have a last videocall on our new Zivver Meet platform with the company to view what the Customer Success and the Implement team has been working on. You’re about to close your laptop when Olivier drops in, asking if you’re up for a beer at the Humming Bar. It’s been quite a day, so that seems like an awesome plan!


  • Own the design, from start to finish, from Figma file to production deployment.
  • Own and help set up the entire design process from idea to implementation and everything that entails - research, UX design, UI design, user testing together with your design & product teammates
  • Get everyone at all levels, excited about your work through presentations, reviews.
  • Organize your work clearly in layers, component libraries, design systems, and roadmaps.
  • Define and refine our design language and style guide together with the colleagues in design.
  • You’re customer-centric with a good understanding of different research and testing methods, including when and how to use them
  • You take an iterative approach and move quickly from idea to validation, keeping timelines clear and manageable in a fast-paced environment.


  • Work from home multiple days per week
  • Diverse international team
  • Choose your own hardware and software you need
  • Beautiful top-floor office in Amsterdam
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flex holidays
  • After-work beers in our in-office bar


  • Experience working on a world-class product or online service, on both mobile and web platforms
  • Experience working on a communication platform industry is a strong plus
  • A true focus on the user —you make your design decisions based on research, including interviews, usability testing and quantitative data
  • A passion for the "why" of design, as well as the "what"
  • An egoless attitude toward design, a passion to learn and grow every day, and an interest in sharing your learnings with your peers early and often


  • >5 years working experience as a Product or UX/UI Designer
  • Experience in consumer-based SaaS products, be it webbased or mobile
  • Working alongside other designers and/or in a lead role is a plus
  • Having set up a Design & component system is a plus
  • Worked alongside a development team
  • Setting up and running usability testing


  • Design & Prototyping software such as Sketch, Figma
  • Design Language Systems
  • Usability testing

Attitude / Personality

  • You enjoy a good Plan - Explore - Review - Adjust - Check - Finalize cycle
  • Proud of successes, peeved by mistakes, resilient to recover, and learn.
  • Straight forward, direct, but respectful with a big smile.
  • You don't run off a cliff when your hair's on fire: think, count to ten, then act.