Senior System and Application Administrator

Job description

If you're passionate about helping people troubleshoot internal software and hardware issues, and interested in application management in a scale-up environment, then we have an exciting opportunity for you.

We're seeking a senior System & Application Administrator to join our team at Zivver. As we rapidly expand, our internal IT organization is scaling to ensure that every Zivvie can work safely and effectively from anywhere. This includes migrating our services to a new cloud environment, which is where you come in! In this dynamic environment, you'll be responsible for balancing technology and business requirements, and playing a critical role in supporting our growing team. If you're excited about working with cloud-based technologies and shaping the future of our company, then we encourage you to apply.

Apart from fixing day-to-day issues, you’ll be responsible for implementing long-term solutions, including owning all Microsoft related technologies used within Zivver, such as identity access management, threat and information protection as well as professionalizing Zivver’s IT. Working as our System Administrator means working with high-end techies who know the works which is a great opportunity with some unique challenges. You'll work with the brightest minds, have discussions at the highest level, share knowledge with your colleagues and continually discover better solutions every day.

Hot takes: 

  • Colleagues love you for helping them out and making their lives easier. You are a hidden superman with a cape, making people’s life easier when it comes to IT issues;

  • You can go above and beyond finding ways to support your colleagues by providing high-quality service, coordinating requests, offering training to those who need it, or flagging things with your fellow IT colleagues;

  • We use cloud like you may have never seen before!

What you will do:

  • Tracking and responding to internal IT requests in an efficient way for all 135+ employees;

  • Coordinate and fully onboard new Zivver team members from an IT perspective;

  • Own and manage applications which are used organizational-wide (e.g. Azure, Atlassian, M365, Okta, Slack);

  • (Remotely) troubleshoot issues with applications;

  • Ensuring the IT ecosystem is built for scale, according to best practices within ITIL;

  • Collaborate on cross-functional with product, engineering and security to improve the IT scalability and efficiency of Zivver;

  • Develop and maintain system documentation, including standard operating procedures, system configurations, and user manuals;

  • Reporting back to the Head of IT. 


  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment;

  • International diverse team with over 30 nationalities – and yes, we offer Dutch classes too!

  • We value a healthy life-work balance. We mean it when we say: Take a vacation! We offer unlimited holidays for you to take care of yourself whenever you need it;

  • HQ in Amsterdam where you’re able to work a few days a week & full home office support to make sure you’re all set;

  • Working from Bali, the US or Spain? Any place, anywhere: we fully support temporary working from X;

  • At least €1.000,- per year on personal development budget;

  • All the relocation benefits you need for a fresh start;

  • Don’t worry about tomorrow: we’ve got you covered with a pension plan.


Expertise you'll bring: 

  • Strong experience with cloud services and managing applications on cloud platforms. We’re looking for a person who has hands-on experience with cloud-based technologies as we have zero on-prem here;

  • You bring at least 5+ years of experience as a system administrator, systems engineer, or related experience;

  • You're an expert in M365, Azure, and related products, and you're always excited to learn more. You will play a crucial part in migrating our services and we need someone who can hit the ground running and help us make this transition as smooth as possible;

  • We're a scale-up and due to changing direction when we need to. Therefore the ideal candidate shows flexibility and adaptability. We promise you there will be new exciting opportunities every day you come to work;

  • You’ve got strong knowledge of virtualization technologies;

  • You have a passion for technology, automation, and digitization;

  • You understand ITIL practices and how to apply them;

  • You are a quick learner with a proactive attitude in spotting problems and opportunities for improvement. You know how to organize your work in a structured way to get things done;

  • You have excellent English communication skills.

If you’re still reading and excited about this role, we welcome your application, even if you think you don’t meet all the requirements. We understand that no candidate is perfect, and would love to hear your story. Keen to learn a bit more? Keep reading...

A day at Zivver

It's 9am on Friday morning, the first day of the month, and you are working from HQ as a few Nivvies (new Zivvies) will start today. While drinking your coffee in the Humming bar overlooking Amsterdam from the 7th floor, you do a final check with your colleague Denise from the facility to nail this onboarding. You welcome the Nivvies, hand out all the necessary hardware, and ensure they can work on a laptop. After kickstarting the onboarding, you head to your desk to check your agenda.

You have a quick 15-min stand-up with the team to discuss the priorities of today. Vladimir, your colleague and fellow system administrator, needs some help setting up virtual machines for some engineers who need to test product changes for the upcoming release. You configured some Azure VMs last week and happily explain what you did. After the stand-up, you open Jira and check for open tickets as you are the assigned “champion of the morning”; This means you will be monitoring for incidents and requests. Someone reported issues with one of the applications you own. Knowing the tool by heart, you implement a fix with ease. One Jira ticket to worry about today; nice! You skim through other inbound requests and see that most of these will be an easy fix, so you decide to tackle them right away before heading out for lunch with some colleagues.

After lunch, you have a session with Frank, the Head of IT, about one of the IT/security projects around access management. You've researched how other SaaS companies do this and have some ideas on improving role-based access management. You work together to include your input in the plan. You agree on short-term actions and schedule a meeting next week to discuss progress. While wrapping up the meeting, you notice that the automatic alerting you configured a while back reports alerts about VPN issues. You decide to assemble the incident response team and join a call with your entire team. No panic; the team has a standardized plan to spin up the backup. Your role in this incident is the subject matter expert to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.

Nearing the end of the day, the VPN issues are resolved, and the incident is closed. You pack your back, but while doing Tjebbe (Product manager) is next to you and asks “Are you joining in the Humming bar for a drink?” Well, why not, it is a Friday, right?