Senior Support Analyst (English Speaking)

Job description

You love troubleshooting technical issues and you are eager to help your team members grow, by coaching and sharing your knowledge with them. As our Senior Support Analyst, you are internally and externally the go-to person for any complex technical challenge when implementing or using one of our products. You love working in a place where not everything is predetermined, but you work together with other colleagues to help ZIVVER grow step-by-step

Hot take

  • You grab technical challenges by the horn;
  • You speak L33T and can translate this to noobs;
  • You’re a good communicator and don’t get overwhelmed easily;
  • You know Microsoft Workplace technologies as the back of your hand.

A day at HQ

(We are living during a pandemic, so there’s no such thing as a day at HQ. We fully support a work-from-home situation (read as monitors, headphones, webcam, docks, and whatever else you might need). In normal times though...)

Two of your team members are working on troubleshooting a new issue at a new customer. They already had multiple TeamViewer sessions with the customer to try to understand when and why the problem occurs. One of your team members also tried to reproduce it on our own test environment but with no luck. Now the customer is complaining that are relative simple problem takes days to diagnose! So just before lunchtime your team members ask you for help. You listen to the background of the problem, the different theories they’ve tried and advise them to call the customer and ask for a test account.

Time for lunch, and time to discuss the very important matter of your social life with your colleagues. The lunch room is abuzz with excitement about an upcoming company ski trip. With renewed energy, you return to your desk.

One of your colleagues called the customer during lunch. The test account is already available! Now it's time for you to do your magic. You open the environment of the customer on one screen, on the other screen you put up one of our own test environment. For the next hour you try different approaches. When looking for events in Kibana you suddenly notice an unexpected event. It's not an error, but it looks like new functionality is already turned on for this customer. It takes some time for you to set up this functionality for one of our test environments. But when this is done you can easily reproduce the problem. You immediately file in a bug report for this. One of the developers has look at it, but doesn't understand what's happening here. So you explain to him that this is the effect of the new functionality and how you set it up in your environment. You both decide to inform the Product Owner as the support for this new functionality in this client requires a User Story put on the backlog.

You are just in time for the weekly meeting and you share this new knowledge within the team.


  • Diagnose and troubleshoot bugs;
  • Coordinate a fix with product and dev;
  • Manage the testing with customers to ensure a resolution of the incident;
  • Work with Dev/QA to reduce the amount of day one bugs;
  • Coach team members in their technical learning path;
  • Improve the customer experience of our platform, by working with product and dev.


  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment;
  • Impact from day one on the product and our customers;
  • A pension plan;
  • Free lunch;
  • Great office and awesome people with different nationalities;
  • An entrepreneurial environment where you can bring your ideas into action.


  • You have at least a relevant bachelor’s degree;
  • You have extensive knowledge of AD(FS), RES, VDI and SSO;
  • You have worked with a support system like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Topdesk, Deskpro;
  • You have worked with analytic software like Kibana, Grafana;
  • You have worked with issue tracking tools like YouTrack, Jira;
  • You have at least 5 years of work experience in a service-oriented role;
  • You have at least 2 years of work experience in a third line support role/escalation role;
  • In possession of driving license B;