QA Engineer

Job description

Leave no bug behind!” spoken like a true QA Engineer. With your experience, you are ready to raise the bar of our testing game. You are energetic, well organised and an evangelist of the automate-all-the-things philosophy. Transforming chaos into calm is your favourite cup of tea, so join this fast-growing scaleup and help us get to that blue ocean asap!

Hot take

  • Unreported bugs give you nightmares;
  • Sometimes, you have to destroy something in order to build something better;
  • Manual, shmanual. Talk automation to me.


A day at HQ

(We are living during a pandemic, so there’s no such thing as a day at HQ. We fully support a work-from-home situation (read as monitors, headphones, webcam, docks, and whatever else you might need). In normal times though...)

As you rush into the office, you grab a cup of coffee and start reviewing the status of reported bugs. You retest where needed and update the status accordingly. Afterwards, you move on to testing features that are ready to be validated or you start getting prepared for those which are still being worked on by development.


Just before lunch, you sit with the team to discuss the plan for the week. You will go over the features to be implemented, discuss and understand the requirements, prioritise the work as needed, and prepare the schedule for regression automation.


At noon you grab lunch at the new & improved ZIVVER bar. Although enjoyable, your heated debate with Francis whether dogs are better than cats needs to be put on hold, it’s time to put your discussed plan in motion. You’ll continue with the design of test cases for features to come, and start your automation of regression scenarios.


Before you leave for the day, you’ll do a final check of your inbox to verify if the status of issues you reported have changed and run any pending test scenario.



  • Design an appropriate Test Plan, discuss WoW, setup DOD/DOR/AC in the team
  • Design and build an automation testing framework
  • Develop and maintain manual test cases in BDD format based on requirements
  • Implement and maintain the automation frameworks as part of a continuous integration in Agile environment
  • During each sprint, ensure that all necessary tests meet the acceptance criteria, staying on top of all important issues and helping triage bugs and drive issues to resolution, keeping everyone aware of the quality of the sprint work
  • Analyze the results of the automated test runs. Troubleshoot automated tests
  • Execute regression test for releases
  • Produce status reports related to the testing process, including test results and defect tracking/prioritization
  • Work with other QA team members on test automation strategies across the product stack


  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment.
  • Having a huge impact on a platform used by hundreds of thousands of end-users and some of the biggest organizations.
  • A competitive salary.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • A pension plan.
  • Great office and people.
  • An Amsterdam office.


  • QA experience 5+ years (Senior level)
  • Frontend and backend testing experience
  • QA Automation (BE automation on Java and FE on JS)
  • ISTQB / TMap certification - nice to have
  • С#, .NET Core, AWS, Docker, GraphQL
  • Agile background
  • Proven integration testing experience
  • Proven experience with any API tools
  • CI/CD experience
  • Open to learn new things
  • Be able to work at multiple things at the same time
  • Experience with Appium is a plus
  • You are not new to SaaS (Software as a Service) environments, hosted solutions and Web based solutions
  • You reside or are willing to move to the Netherlands