Medior/Senior Angular Frontend Developer

Job description

Secure communication is like a basic need, that’s why anyone can use ZIVVER for free. We make it as easy as possible to send and receive secure messages on the ZIVVER platform, that’s why you do not need to create an account to read messages you received. Our guiding philosophy is that usability is a key component of security - and from this many interesting challenges arise.

Our platform is a SaaS application written in Scala that serves our Angular Typescript web application and C# Microsoft Office plugin (yes, we like strong static typing). Your job is to develop new applications and features using Angular/Typescript. 

You’ll be working in a dynamic, international scrum team. ZIVVER is scaling up fast, so your developing skills will not only be pointing towards our code but also towards your colleagues.

Hot Take

  • You don’t want to touch plain JavaScript, not even with a 9ft pole

  • Every byte counts

  • You feel comfortable using a battle tested Javascript library that exists for more than 2 months

  • You once wrote a leftpad function yourself

A day at HQ

(We are living during a pandemic, so there’s no such thing as a day at HQ. We fully support a work-from-home situation (read as monitors, headphones, webcam, docks, and whatever else you might need). In normal times though...)

It’s Friday 9.00 am when you storm into the office. You’re all about action today, but before anything happens: coffee! You update your action list and head straight to the End-User Web daily standup. People are not in the mood to talk today, as it’s the final day of the sprint and everyone wants to get things done. So after this very brief update, quickly back to your desk.

This two-week sprint was all about “business rules”. We're giving power to the user to validate if updated business rules are actually more effective. That feedback is used by our system to fine-tune these rules. We're building a new UI from scratch to support this and it has been exciting to be involved in the design from day one. The challenge we're solving this sprint is trying to give non-technical users the tools to help us refine very complex and technical content detection algorithms. You want to enter the Retro this afternoon with a clean action list, so you really need to finish updating the API service and making sure all events are logged to the audit log by 15.30. 

After returning from lunch at the Humming Bar you hit a dead end; a migration script is broken. You quickly discuss and fix the problem with Jeroen, and luckily it’s all smooth sailing from there. Later, at the Retro you raise the issue you ran into. There are no expectations or boundaries on what can suggested to improve so you can be truly open and honest.

By now it’s 16.30 and you’re off to the weekly Beer & Demo session, where every week a different colleague shares what cool stuff they’ve been working on. It’s a great way to close off the work week, keep up with developments in this fast moving scale up and have a beer at the same time.



  • Develop new features for and maintain performance of the Angular web-app

  • Review code of colleagues and suggest brilliant improvements

  • Go-to for technical consultants and clients

  • Quickly triaging issues and solving bugs

  • Contribute to the increased stability, scalability and usability of ZIVVER


  • Junior developers on the team and in the house look up to you for advice and guidance

  • You have high standards for code quality and not afraid to coach your colleagues directly on this subject


  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment

  • Flexible working hours

  • A pension plan

  • Free lunch

  • Great office and awesome people with different nationalities

  • At least €1.000,- per year on personal development budget


Skills / Experience

  • Strong background in Angular 2+

  • Formal education, and even cooler, a degree in a Computer Science / Software Engineering field

  • Knowledge and experience with Amazon Web Services' IaaS services portfolio 

  • Experience with AngularJS

Personality / Attitude 

  • You speak up from a position of knowledge

  • You like to help your colleagues develop to the next level

  • Speed and quality are what you’re about. You know your craft and you #get-it-done

  • Organized and structured is your approach to life and code

  • Straight forward, direct, but respectful with a big smile