Marketing Automation Specialist

Job description

Is HubSpot the very first thing you go to when you open up your laptop in the morning - while sipping coffee? Great. We’re looking for a Marketing Automation Specialist who’s responsible for managing our marketing automation platform and leveraging end-to-end capabilities like no other. Together with our designers, marketers, data team and management, you’ll implement all programmatic and operational initiatives through HubSpot.

You’re the type who likes to roll up your sleeves and dig into something new. Throughout the years, you’ve worked with some other platforms, but HubSpot turned out to be a keeper. Especially when it comes to managing a client database, analyzing performance, website optimization and ensuring continuous improvements of our digital marketing efforts. The best part of the job? According to your manager, Tim, you grow together with Zivver. “You’re the engine that keeps everything running in HubSpot. Setting up campaigns, building landing pages, analyzing data. That’s what makes you the specialist.”

Hot take

- You use HubSpot more than you use Google.

- Yep, it’s all about automation.

- Leads! Leads! Leads! - you won't rest until leads come in.

- Is it just me – or marketing BS bingo?

A day at HQ

It’s Monday so you log into our Monday morning standup. During this online meeting, new Zivvys get introduced (phew, not you this time) and every department gives an update on how things are going. During the last bit of the meeting, one of your colleagues gives you a shout-out for the many good leads you transferred to sales.

After the standup, you’ve scheduled a meeting with our Digital Marketing Manager, Eduardo, and check-in with him about upcoming campaigns. This gives you input for your next meeting with our creative teams where you discuss the design of the new (and upcoming) landing pages in support of marketing campaign effectiveness (because, after all, it’s you who makes the actual decision about the outcome of the design). 

After lunch, you’ll be working on database optimization. At the end of the day you have some time left to prepare the Marketing daily (did we say daily? It’s three times a week) and give the marketing team updates on your work. Although we’re not in the same room right now, it’s great to see them again. Just before you close your laptop you pull a report from Hubspot and see you’ve brought in even more leads than you estimated for today - yes, success!


  • You’re responsible for all marketing operations and automation projects, including the end-to-end execution of campaigns, database optimization, development of cohesive automated workflows and segmentation of our database.
  • Work with the management to define KPIs and goals, which contribute to real business growth while delivering an outstanding experience along our customer journey.
  • Collaborate closely with the design and content teams to build engaging and effective emails, website pages, forms and landing pages.
  • Maintain and improve the marketing automation integration with additional platforms like Salesforce, LinkedIn and TechTarget to create recommendations for further sales growth.
  • Analyze data and perform A/B testing in order to define and execute marketing automation improvements which contribute to revenue growth.
  • Support essential marketing operation initiatives in HubSpot and Salesforce such as managing the lead lifecycle, lead scoring and data cleansing.


      • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment.
      • Free lunch, great food and snacks.
      • A beautiful bar in our office.
      • Next-gen pension fund.
      • Flex holidays.
      • E1.000 personal development budget annually.



      • 3 to 5 years of experience in HubSpot (experience with other platforms is definitely a bonus).
      • You have a Bachelor degree in Marketing, Communications or any related fields.

      Attitude / Personality

      • You master the skill of independent decision-making.
      • Talking about the best of both worlds: you’re both analytical and have excellent communication skills.
      • Finding creative solutions to complex problems is your favorite thing to do (during weekdays).