Junior Controller (Dutch Speaking)

Job description

As Junior Controller you take care of the input in our financial systems and monitor the follow-up. This ranges from accounts receivable and accounts payable to managing customer requests, creating new subscriptions in our systems and basically everything that comes with it. You will work closely with Danny, our Controller, who will help you to quickly get up to speed with you day-to-day tasks and with whom you’ll work on Finance related projects.

Our company grows fast, and next to your day-to-day tasks you will be working on projects to further improve and professionalize our financial systems and processes. Just like our company, we like you to grow as well: our ambition is that you develop into a full-fledged finance professional with increasing responsibility over the record-to-report chain.

Our HQ is located in Amsterdam, but we have all the tools in place to work remotely. Recent developments lead to an increased share of remote working, but there is also the possibility to work at ZIVVER HQ. Since you will be new to the organisation we expect that we will work together from our HQ in Amsterdam initially three (out of five) days per week.

Hot takes

  • You can start your day an hour later because you’re so accurate that you don’t have to correct your mistakes
  • Your brain is a calculator and sponge at the same time
  • Leave no invoice behind
  • OCD is your middle name

A day at ZIVVER

(We are living during a pandemic, so there’s no such thing as a day at HQ. We fully support a work-from-home situation (read as monitors, headphones, webcam, docks, and whatever else you might need). In normal times though...)

Around 08:30 you enter the office, you fix yourself a caffeine boost and already the best part of the day is about to begin: doing your magic in Exact, your favourite piece of software (or is it Excel?). As it’s Tuesday, you do a routine invoice check. You notice something strange, so you call Jeroen, one of the Project Leads to understand the matter. Now that’s out of the way, you’ll finish creating the new subscriptions for the customers that joined ZIVVER this week.

In the afternoon your focus is on the expenses. You make sure all declarations are processed on time and send a few Slack messages to managers who haven’t processed their approval flow. You notice a colleague hasn’t used the right VAT percentage and correct the error. You also check the intranet how-to on declarations and update the process description so the mistakes are prevented from happening in the future.

After organizing your weekly tasks, you notice there’s still room for more things to do. You check with Danny if it’s okay for you to create the weekly report this time. As we encourage ZIVVYs to take on more responsibilities, Danny is of course fine with you taking on this task.

As you’d like this report to become one of your recurring tasks, you’re fired up and focused to ensure this week's report is the best one ever! After a final check by Danny, you send it out yourself. Finally you join the daily end-of-day Finance call (via ZIVVER’s own video conferencing platform, or face to face when we work from the office) after which you close your laptop and look back on a productive day.


  • Accounts Payable: route invoices through the approval system and ensure payment - leave no supplier behind
  • Accounts Receivable: bill customers and chase payment - leave no cash behind
  • Internal expenses: ensure reimbursements are paid timely - leave no colleague behind
  • Bankbook: leave no booking behind
  • Questions: handle customer and employee questions - leave no customer behind
  • Projects: work on Finance-related projects - leave no ZIVVER behind
  • Assist with the financial reporting: leave no controller and CFO behind!


  • Market-conform salary
  • Pension
  • Flexible working hours
  • Flex holidays
  • € 1.000 yearly personal development budget
  • Work in a professional and international environment


Skills / Degrees

  • Just finished your bachelor in business administration, business economics or finance and control
  • Excellent communication skills in Dutch and English
  • Some relevant working experience (either through internship(s) or in a similar function or functions).

Attitude / Personality

  • You enjoy creating perfection
  • You’re proud when excel sheets are in perfect condition
  • Straightforward, direct, but respectful with a big smile
  • You don't run off a cliff when your hair's on fire: think, count to ten, then act.