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Internship – Software Engineer

  • Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

Job description

Please note, we are not at liberty to relocate for this position. We cannot process your application if you are not based in the Netherlands.

Are you passionate about the tech industry and the future of secure communications? Do you want to gain hands-on experience and contribute to exciting projects together with our engineering teams? Zivver is looking for six talented and motivated interns to join our team for the internship program. This is an excellent opportunity to work on real-world projects, learn from experienced professionals, and jumpstart your career in software engineering.

🌟 Learning Opportunities: As an intern at Zivver, you will gain hands-on experience in one of the following areas:

  • Cloud Infrastructure: Manage and scale applications on AWS (EKS, ECS, EC2, S3, SQS, ECR, etc.).

  • Programming languages: Our teams use Scala for the back-end and Typescript (Angular) for the Front-end. 

  • Containerisation and Orchestration: Use Docker and Kubernetes for managing containers at scale, and Helm for simplifying deployment.

  • QA Practices: Explore the phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle and various testing types, and gain hands-on experience in automating Windows applications using FlaUI with C. 

Infrastructure Team: 
Description: You will join our Cloud Infrastructure and DevOps team to manage and scale applications on AWS, utilizing services like EKS, ECS, and EC2. You'll gain hands-on experience with containerization using Docker and Kubernetes, and streamline deployments with Helm. This internship provides a comprehensive introduction to modern cloud infrastructure and DevOps practices.

Specific requirements: General knowledge of cloud services (AWS preferred, basic knowledge of Linux.

Front-end Team: 

Project description: You will join our Extensions team to improve our design system, optimize read/send flows, create end-to-end tests, and ensure future components and features are accessible from the start.

Specific requirements: A good understanding of JavaScript and interest in learning TypeScript, Angular as well as working with design systems.

Back-end Team:

Project Description: Develop Scala skills, expertise in email protocols, TCP, end-to-end testing, create robust testing libraries, explore data management, contribute to web development and gain exposure to monitoring tools for assessing business rule efficiency and management in production.

Specific requirements: A good understanding of one of mainstream programming languages (JS, Java, C#, etc) and interest in learning Scala. 

QA Team:

Project Description: Develop expertise in QA practices encompassing the Software Testing Life Cycle phases and diverse testing methodologies, including automation using FlaUI with C#. Gain hands-on experience in test management and reporting with TestMo, and master defect tracking and management processes. Utilize GitLab for version control to facilitate efficient collaboration and code management throughout the internship.

Specific requirements: Familiarity with any of the object-oriented programming language.Basic knowledge of Software testing principles, including types of testing and Software testing life cycle.

Job requirements

🎯 Who Are We Looking For

  • Effective communication skills and a willingness to learn.

  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor's or Master's degree or taking a practical course in Computer Science/Software Engineering.

  • Available to start in September 2024 (exact date to be discussed).

  • Excellent English communication skills.

  • Residency in the Netherlands with the ability to be at our office at least two days a week.

🤝 What We Offer

  • A challenging internship for 32 to 40 hours per week, lasting a minimum of 20 weeks.

  • Time to work on your school assignment(s).

  • An internship allowance.

  • Exposure to real projects alongside our incredible clients. 

🌟 About Zivver 🌐

At Zivver, our mission is to help over 9,000 organizations worldwide secure their digital communication of sensitive information. We are passionate about helping organizations, both large and small, embrace the next generation of secure digital communication that is effortless, smart, and secure. In this era of hyper-accelerated digital transformation, regulatory reforms, and hybrid work, we stand as a beacon of innovation.