Functional Salesforce Consultant

Job description

Zivver is expanding rapidly, entering new international markets and launching new products. An organized, user friendly and state of the art CRM system is one of the key building blocks we need to support this growth. As our Functional Salesforce Consultant, you’ll take on the ownership of maintaining and continually improving our Salesforce instance. You will build a roadmap together with stakeholders, work in sprints to implement changes, support users to get the best out of the system and set up integrations with other tools. This role requires a candidate that is passionate about applying the best technical solutions to make the lives of users easier, knows how to organize and prioritize their work, and is focussed on the details.

Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands) or Greater London (UK)

Hot take

  • You’re a bit of a Salesforce geek. You’re up to date on the latest technologies that Salesforce offers and enjoy thinking about how implementing these could benefit Zivver.

  • Colleagues will love you for making their lives easier. You continuously find ways to improve our user experience, fix small bugs and proactively offer training to those who need it.

  • You love sprinting. From backlog to (user) testing to release. You know how to organize your work in a structured way and get things done on time.

  • You obsess over details when it is important to. An untidy CRM makes you itchy and something is only done when it’s actually 100% done.

A day at Zivver

It’s Wednesday morning and with a coffee in hand you’ve planned some time to take inventory of where things stand. You review your JIRA board for the current sprint. You noticed that some things have come up during the user testing of a few new validation rules that you’re hoping to release this week. You check the comments and give a quick call to Ewoud, the colleague who did the testing to ensure you really understand his feedback before you start working on a way to fine tune validation rules.

Next, you've got a meeting to catch up with your team lead, Jeroen. Together you’ve been talking to our VPs of Sales and Customer Success in order to build a roadmap for the next quarter. Your lead has asked you to make an estimation of the workload so that you can discuss priorities and communicate back to the stakeholders what you will and won’t be committing to. The two of you spend the last part of the meeting going over one of the ideas you have to improve and further automate the process around generating an offer to a potential customer. You’ve done some research on how other SaaS companies make this a smooth process and are looking to get some feedback.

After lunch, it’s time to help out some of your colleagues. A few tickets have come in with regards to questions and some bugs that need fixing. You’ve already had a look and saw that most of these will be an easy fix so you decide to tackle them right away. You also noticed that the same question around adding the right products to opportunities seems to keep coming back. You make a mental note for yourself to include a more elaborate explanation of how to do this in the new user onboarding and send a short email to the team to offer some additional clarification.

You spend the remaining couple of hours of the afternoon focussing on making great progress with some of the items in the current sprint. To close the day off, you take an hour to continue an online Salesforce Trailblazer trail you started. You heard we might be implementing CPQ later in the year, so you decided to study up on CPQ fundamentals.


  • Working closely with the Sales Operations Team Lead and key internal stakeholders in order to understand business requirements, pain points and goals; creating a platform roadmap and defining priorities accordingly.

  • Successfully implementing Salesforce configuration changes, using clicks instead of code, such as (but not limited to) process automation, assignment rules, fields, page layouts, roles & profiles and record types.

  • Ensuring we build for scale, according to best practices and with a focus on exceptional user experience.

  • Support the implementation and maintenance of integrations between Salesforce and various other key systems such as marketing (Hubspot, Techtarget, 6Sense) or sales tools (Outreach, ZoomInfo).

  • Facilitate new user onboarding and continuous training in order to ensure users utilize Salesforce to its full potential.

  • Tracking and responding to user support tickets and requests in an efficient way.

  • Ensuring all users have the correct access to Salesforce and can perform their day to day tasks with minimal friction.

  • Maintaining the platform, including staying up to date on new features and releases, as well as fixing bugs.

  • Company pension.
  • €1000 Personal development budget per year.
  • Great company and awesome people with different nationalities.
  • Regular (virtual) company social events.
  • WFX Policy - freedom to work from wherever you want to work.


  • Strong Salesforce product knowledge (Sales Cloud specifically) with at least 3+ years of hand-on experience in independently implementing Salesforce configurations.

  • Certified Salesforce Administrator. Having a Sales Cloud Consultant certification as well is a big plus.

  • Understanding of and experience with basic release management principles.

  • A proven ability to build scalable and best practice solutions.

  • Experience with setting up and maintaining necessary technical documentation.

  • Demonstrated ability with regards to organizing, prioritizing and planning out their own work; familiarity with working in sprints.

Attitude / Personality
  • A proactive attitude in spotting and realizing opportunities for improvement as well as flagging concerns in a timely manner.

  • Analytical and structured approach to problem solving with a strong attention to detail.

  • Proactive and open in communication with various types of stakeholders.

  • Comfortable working in a professional environment that’s subject to continuous change as the company grows and matures.