Engineering Manager

Job description

An Engineering Manager at Zivver is so much more than a team leader. You coach a team of awesome and driven engineers, you execute, and you master the fine art of stakeholder management. Therefore, you will work closely with our other three engineering managers and your product managers to balance initiatives and communicate around your team’s plan, your team’s estimates, and the impact of changes to the plan. With your Team Awesome, you set the standard in development and work on the high-level solutions for Zivver with a smile.

Zivver’s guiding philosophy is that usability is a key component of security - and from this many interesting challenges arise. We’ve got the Dutch market in our pocket and we’re busy entering the international market very soon. If you’re up for a challenge, this is the moment you want to hop on the bandwagon. “Yes, we’ve been flying left and right and yes, it’s been a challenge. But it’s one hell of a ride. We’re actually building something together and learning from each other while doing it and making an impact.”

Hot take

· You don’t lose your head when multiple fires are burning

· Your friends call you a coach in disguise

· Scaling a company is challenging, but you thrive in this environment

A day at Zivver

You’ve got your coffee, it’s 9 AM and it’s time to log in. You update your action list, take a look at the last few bug reports and check the platform’s monitoring and alerts before heading to your team’s daily standup – which is a digital edition today as your team is working from home. You get the feeling that some of your team members are not so talkative as it’s the final day of the sprint and everyone wants to get things done. Let’s go!

During the standup a big blocker came up, so you swiftly involve and speak with Bertrand, Aman and Robin. By lunch time it’s all solved. After a well deserved break you catch up with the other three Engineering Managers and discuss your plans before meeting with Bertrand and your other peers to talk through the latest OKR progress, and start brainstorming around what the priorities should be for next quarter. Later, at the team Retro you raise the issue you ran into. There are no expectations or boundaries on what can be suggested to improve so you can be truly open and honest.

By now it’s 4.30 PM and you’re off to the weekly Beer & Demo session, where every week a different colleague shares what cool stuff they’ve been working on. It’s a great way to close off the work week, keep up with developments in this fast-moving scale up and share a drink at the same time.


  • Be a link between Product, Design and Engineering, overlapping and helping in planning, forecasting, estimating, managing uncertainty, roadmapping and triaging

  • Own the plan as well as run the different phases of product delivery and software lifecycle

  • Lead on Agile techniques and tools, helping with healthy growth and feedback loop of the teams, in line with the DevOps mindset

  • Communicate effectively and proactively across organizational and technical boundaries

  • Solve issues and unblock problems to maintain the delivery momentum, and ensure teams are working towards commitments, set a good and sustainable delivery pace

  • Liaise and collaborate with the team of engineering managers and the Director of Engineering to help with recruiting, hiring, and other broader topics

  • Manage and grow high-performing inclusive and diverse teams, supporting and mentoring engineers as they grow technically and professionally


  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment

  • International diverse team with over 27 nationalities - and yes, we offer Dutch classes too!

  • HQ in Amsterdam where you’re able to work a few days a week & full home office support to make sure you’re all set

  • Working from Bali, the US or Spain? Any place, anywhere: we fully support temporary working from X

  • At least €1.000,- per year on personal development budget

  • All the relocation benefits you need for a fresh start

  • Don’t worry about tomorrow: we’ve got you covered with a pension plan


Skills and experience

  • Experience with Technical delivery planning and management

  • Experience in Agile using Kanban, Scrum, or ScrumBan, and process implementation and improvement

  • Experience in project management and release management with an Enterprise customer base

  • Experience in managing a team of engineers, coaching and mentoring people towards their goals

  • Strong technical knowledge and background

  • Proven track record for successful delivery of projects and working cross-functionally with the rest of the business

  • Nice to have: Experience with Microsoft Office suite add-in development

Personality / Attitude

  • It’s about speed and quality: you know your craft and you get things done

  • Organized and structured is your approach to life and teams

  • You speak up from a position of knowledge

  • You like to help your colleagues develop to the next level

  • You’re straight forward, and respectful and empathic at the same time